Brandon Boyd’s work as a singer, songwriter, both as a solo artist and with his platinum-selling rock band, is well documented and universally acclaimed. But now his other life’s work -- that of a painter -- has been garnering increasing attention and devoted audiences of its own.


In his painting and drawings, Boyd reveals a personal, freeform, ambiguous kind of visual style that focuses on magic, serendipity, curiosity and mystery. Describing his art-making process as a kind of “blissful, familiar trance,” Boyd’s works carry both the evidence of the beautiful chaos and the power of revealing the narratives inside of it. His images are constructed by chance through colorful ink spills and the contents of his own travel journals. As songs might come to him in a dream, so he discovers the vibrant, witty, eccentrically classical constellations of shape and circumstance that hide in plain view or emerge from his own quieted mind through another kind of sight.


Boyd has published three books of his visual art: White Fluffy Clouds (2003), From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss (2007), and So the Echo (2013). Among dozens of book signings, group and solo exhibitions, special collaborative projects, and engaged philanthropic arts, Boyd has showed his crisp, expressive paintings, prints, and drawings in international cities including Rome, London, Zurich, Paris and across the U.S. in Seattle, Austin and Miami throughout 2013 - 2015.


Exhibitions continued to expand both within and outside of the U.S. when in 2016 Brandon held a solo exhibit at Andenken Gallery in Amsterdam and participated in several groups shows within the U.S. such as Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas, POP Austin Art Fair, and Art Miami Fair during Art Basel.


April 2017 brought the release of Incubus' eighth studio album, aptly titled '8', and the band embarked on an extensive domestic tour in support of the release that continued throughout the world in 2017. At the end of the year, Brandon debuted a pop-up gallery in Los Angeles entitled Opti-Mystic which next traveled to Cape Town to coincide with the Incubus concerts in South Africa in early 2018. Later that year, in May, he held a solo exhibition at the prestigious Samuel Lynne Galleries in Dallas, and congruently had an ongoing large-scale print display at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The year would culminate with a solo exhibition at The Surf Lodge pop upduring Miami Art Week in December.


At the start of 2019, Brandon exhibited at LA Art Show and also launched an ‘Opti-Mystic’ memory game based upon his popular original art series, Portals. He has held launch events and signing appearances in Los Angeles, New York and most recently, Chicago. As well, Incubus celebrates 20 Years of Make Yourself this year and the band will embark on an extensive four month domestic tour in September.


Boyd was a natural artist from childhood, and in fact his dream to attend art school after college once sat within his grasp, scholarships and all. He ended up signing a record deal instead. Through the next 25 whirlwind years, he never stopped painting and drawing, coming to view the creative processes of musicianship and visual artistry as both complementary and intertwined. “The music is intellectual,” Boyd says. “It tickles and frustrates me; it’s untouchable and fascinating. The art is intuitive, more like just breathing. It’s just a part of me.”